About Shining Star School

Welcome to

The Shining Star School

A uniquely happy, caring and secure environment where all children feel valued and can develop into independent, confident individuals.

We cater children from 2 to10 year olds.

We have a fundamental belief that children are powerful, competent, and capable. We also believe that children grow and develop through rich and meaningful relationships with others. We embrace respect as one of our core values. We follow eclectic approach of learning in order to prepare children for life and employ several strategies of guidance, including effective communication, acknowledgment of children’s feelings, praise for positive behaviours and interactions, redirection from challenging situations, and natural consequences.

We work closely with parents to provide the highest quality of care, education and support for their child and to ensure that the school is a happy place for all who are part of it.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child in our school.