The Shining Star

The objective of the shining star school is to create an exceptional experience for young children and their families. We believe that children thrive in a caring and enriching environment that supports them in feeling comfortable, confident, and safe.

We also believe that the basic building blocks of learning are play, curiosity, creativity, questioning, and imagination, and we believe that schools which embrace this theory of learning have the best influence on children’s positive social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

School Programs

Preschool Programs

The Shining Star offers preschoolers a broad play based & well researched Global curriculum leading to holistic development of the child with opportunities for parents to be directly involved in the school activities.

Age Criteria- as on 1st June 2017

  • Learning-care Program 2-3 Years
  • Nursery Program 3-4 Years
  • KG-I Program 4-5 Years
  • KG-II Program 5-6 Years

Primary School Program 

We believe that “Happy children are successful learners” 

To facilitate this kind of environment where children are happy and are successful learners,  we have created an “Integrative Approach of Learning” .

Learning through an integrative approach is when students are actively engaged, construct and produce knowledge by solving problems, conducting inquiry, engaging in reflection and building a repertoire of effective strategies.

Project Based 

It is a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge.

Flipped Classroom 

The AIm Is Instant Concept Evaluation, With Query Solution During The Class. That Offers An Immediate Feedback On Whether Any Essential Points Have Been Missed.

Multiple Intelligences

In Multiple Intelligences, learning styles models offer relatively simple and accessible methods to understand and explain children’s preferred ways to learn and develop.

Student- Centered learning 

It moves students from passive receivers of information to active participants in their own discovery process.

We have transformed the role of the teachers from instructors to facilitators and introducing three new classes.   

1) Flipped Class 

The aim is instant concept evaluation, with query solution during the class. By contrast, while or before attending a class, the student conducts a research or watches videos related to the topic recommended by teachers, which may be followed by a brief online quiz that offers an immediate feedback on whether any essential points have been missed. 

2) My Class

It is one that, we’ll adapt or create to precisely meet a child’s needs to foster individuality. Hence, teachers adopting individual learning styles (Multiple

Intelligences), for a subject topic with few new educational objectives to a brand new class created just for the child. 

3) Super Class

Combining 3 classes to work together to common topics/ projects. Superclasses need teams of teachers and these teams need to adopt clearly defined roles. Often using coloured badges or even hats to differentiate these roles.